Top inventions by women

  • 1 Mary Anderson
    The windscreen wiper
  • 2 Tabitha Babbitt
    Circular saw
  • 3 Stephanie Kwolek
    Kevlar, as used in bullet proof vests
  • 4 Ruth Wakefield
    Chocolate chips used in biscuits
  • 5 Bette Nesmith Wakefield
  • 6 Getrude Elion
    Zovirax – the drug that treats herpes, plus a drug that fights leukaemia and a drug that stops kidney transplant patients rejecting the transplant
  • 7 Josephine Cochrane
    The first automatic dishwasher
  • 8 Sarah Mather
    The submarine telescope for looking at deep sea marine life
  • 9 Margaret Knight
    The braking system on factory machines that stops it immediately when something is caught in it, stopping injury
  • 10 Patricia Bath
    The technique of using a laser to treat blindness caused by cataracts
  • 11 Marion Donovan
    Disposable nappies
  • 12 Grace Murray Hopper
    The computer coding language COBOL and the compiler which can translate English into computer code
  • 13 Martha Coston
    Safety flares e.g. used by people in danger on a boat
  • 14 Lillian Gilbreth
    Designed the shelves inside refrigerator doors, made the can opener easier to use, and invented the food mixer and the foot pedal rubbish bin
  • 15 Mary Delaney
    The retractable dog lead
  • 16 Katherine Blodget
    Anti-glare coating on glass such as camera lenses and glasses
  • 17 Ida Forbes
    Electric hotwater heater
  • 18 Randice-Lisa Altschul
    The disposable ‘throw away’ mobile phone
  • 19 Patricia Billings
    Fire resistant building material called Geobond
  • 20 Dianne Croteau
    The dummy used to teach Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • 21 Mary Phelps Jacob
    The bra
  • 22 Ann Tsukamoto
    The co-patentee of a process to isolate the human stem cell
  • 23 Letitia Geer
    The medical syringe
  • 24 Rosalind Franklin
    Developed the process which identified the structure of DNA
  • 25 Helen Greiner
    The bomb disposal robot
  • 26 Anna Connelly
    The fire escape